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1Ginger syrupBottle 300ml6 pcs.
2Ginger syrup with elderberry blossomBottle 300ml6 pcs.
3Raspberry syrup with linden blossom Bottle 300ml6 pcs.
4Raspberry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
5Raspberry syrup with elderberry blossomBottle 300ml6 pcs.
6Mint syrupBottle 200ml6 pcs.
7Syrop piernikowyButelka 300ml6 pcs.
8Strawberry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
9Cherry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
10Aronia berry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
11Aronia berry syrup with elderberry blossomBottle 300ml6 pcs.
12Elderberry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
13Bilberry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
14Blackcurrant syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
15Dog rose syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
16Rowanberry syrupBottle 500ml6 pcs.
17Raspberry syrup with melissa and honey Bottle 300ml6 pcs.
18Wild strawberry syrupBottle 300ml6 pcs.
19Cranberry syrupBottle 300ml6 pcs.
20Apple-dog rose juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
21Apple-raspberry juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
22Apple-mint juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
23Apple-cranberry juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
24Aronia berry juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
25Pomegranate juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
26Pickled beetroot juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
27Sauerkraut juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
28Sok z selera kiszonegoButelka 300ml6 pcs.
29Cranberry juiceBottle 300ml6 pcs.
Preserves / Jams
30Aronia berry and apple jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
31Blueberry jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
32Blackcurrant jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
33Orange flavoured pumpkin jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
34Raspberry jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
35Apricot jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
36Rose petals jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
37Strawberry jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
38Orange flavoured strawberry jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
39Cherry jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
40Rum flavoured cherry jam with clovesJar 200ml6 pcs.
41Quince in syrupJar 200ml6 pcs.
42Plum jamJar 200ml6 pcs.
43Powidła węgierkowe z czekoladąSłoik 200ml6 pcs.
44Pickled beetroot in vinegarJar 450ml6 pcs.
45Pickled pumpkin in vinegarJar 500ml6 pcs.
46Gruszki w occieSłoik 500ml6 pcs.
47Pickled gingerJar 200ml6 pcs.
48Pickled pink gingerJar 200ml6 pcs.
49Pickled chanterelleJar 200ml6 pcs.
50Pickled cucumbers (sour)Jar 500ml6 pcs.
51Pickled cucumbers in vinegarJar 500ml6 pcs.
52Sweet marinated pepperJar 500ml6 pcs.
53Pickled bay boleteJar 300ml6 pcs.
54Pickled red pine mushroom Jar 300ml6 pcs.
55Plums in vinegarJar 500ml6 pcs.
Polish delicacies and additives
56Aronia berry with apple (as accompaniment to meat)Jar 200ml6 pcs.
57Cowberry with pear (as accompaniment to meat)Jar 200ml6 pcs.
58Grated horseradishJar 180ml12 pcs.
59Beetroot with horseradishJar 180ml6 pcs.
60Beetroot with horseradishJar 300ml6 pcs.
61Sauerkraut with carrotJar 500ml6 pcs.
62Spicy ketchup (with chilli)Jar 200ml6 pcs.
63Ketchup with honeyJar 200ml6 pcs.
64Original podkovian ketchupJar 200ml6 pcs.
65Homemade mayonnaiseJar 200ml6 pcs.
66Curry mustardJar 200ml6 pcs.
67Ginger mustardJar 200ml6 pcs.
68Fiery mustard duetJar 200ml6 pcs.
69Original podkovian mustardJar 200ml6 pcs.
70Spicy mustardJar 200ml6 pcs.
71Natural honey mustardJar 200ml6 pcs.
72Sos kabul - orientalny sos pomidorowyButelka 300ml6 pcs.
73Old polish cranberry (as accompaniment to meat or cheese)Jar 200ml6 pcs.
Soups and concentras
74Original podkovian borschtBottle 300ml6 pcs.
75Beetroot borscht concentrateJar 200ml6 pcs.
76Beetroot borscht concentrateBottle 500ml6 pcs.
77Fungal concentrateJar 200ml6 pcs.
78Tomato concentrateJar 200ml6 pcs.
79Cucumber pureeJar 300ml6 pcs.
80Chopped sorrelJar 300ml6 pcs.
81Pumpkin soup baseJar 500ml6 pcs.
82Old Polish sour soupBottle 500ml12 pcs.
83Spicy sauerkrautJar 200ml6 pcs.
84Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oilJar 200ml6 pcs.

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